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Well Im over here in sunny England and we only just had the show (last episode was on wednesday night) I've know from the beginning who won because I stupidly found out online. Doh!

Anyways. Amanda was robbed. I couldn't understand it not even slightly, most importantly the bit where tyra says 'you both have what the other needs, amanda you have high fashion quirkyness and edge, eva you have approachableness' Now forgive me for misunderstanding america but, isn't the show called 'America's next top MODEL'? Right so you're gonna put through the girl who is 'supposedly' likable and takes alright pictures. Madness. Madness. I repeat.... MADNESS

I'm on a rant today. Man I hate TV - makes me so mad. All this editing and money making etc etc. maybe I'm just more pissed because the only reason i watched the show was to see Amanda slam each photo into the bag and watch the other girls be extremely jealous. My rant is still going isn't it?

Well what do you guys honestly think? I know this is a fansite (type thing) for specifically Amanda but taking away all the qualities of the person (as you should with a model) and looking purely at photographs, who do you think took the best? My order goes like this:
2)nicole - what was with her getting the boot? She was a wicked old style movie look
3)yaya or Norelle - I can't decide.

Stupid stupid tv and its many flaws. God I wish I'd just read a book every week instead of watching the least model-like one win.
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