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its me its me

Thanks for stating this! that was really nice. any questions or tanything? love to answer..*S*...
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If this is the real Amanda, I am just going to restate the obvious: You're amazing.

Oh my. :D
You are indeed very very amazing & gorgeous.
{I'm not sucking up. : p}

How have things changed since the show ended? {ie;people treatingyou differently & things.. . ect.. . . }
i was wondering as well, any news on the modeling front?

i was rooting for you from day one, and i'm sorry you didn't win the contest but to me, it looks like the girls that didn't win still get plenty of work. i hope to be seeing you making a break into the fashion industry very soon, if you haven't signed anywhere already. much love, you're amazing.

- melanie
You are amazing at all....What have you plan to do in the future?
And have you leant a lot of things during the ANTM?

from: your greatest fans


February 14 2005, 21:38:40 UTC 12 years ago

amanda!!!!!!!!!!!! i think you are the prettiest model on all of antm! i watch it all the time and even though im only 12 your my idol. you deserve to win!!! you probably wont reply to my message because you have so much other fanmail but id love it sooooo much if you did! i wish they made a younger version of antm in england... anyway, please please please reply!!!!!!! you deserve to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from your number 1 british fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx
p.s ( is this realy you im talking to, or some complete stranger who started this fan page!)
If you're really Amanda, I just wanted to tell you (as everyone else has) how strikingly beautiful I think you are. Whatever you decide to do in life, I know you'll turn heads. You seemed like such a warm person on the show, too. I wish you were my friend in real life. :)