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[03 Jun 2006|12:11am]

[ mood | tired ]

hi ^___^
i'm new into this community and i totally love Amanda
only because of her i watched ANTM
i drawed her today
it's not that good but yeah..

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[11 Mar 2006|09:29pm]

Totally, totally, totally love Amanda. She is so beautiful, and an inspiration to all those whom have eye-handicaps. I owe her a lot, since I'm almost as blind as a bat. =__=

She is one true CoverGirl<3
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Bulliten:The Truth about terds [01 Mar 2006|11:33pm]

like when a girl has a big badonkadonk
her poo is a big padoonkadoop

I will tell you all what a poo job is, thats right, you poo a bit but dont push it out the whole way, and the girl sucks on your turd.

and when she eats the whole terd, then she has the privilage of eating your anus whole wide open
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new amanda pic [03 Aug 2005|08:12pm]

thanks, to envy_naima from the topmodel community, we have a new amanda pic. apparently Levis is doing a spread featuring models with viusual imparments to promote thier jeans. sorry that the site is in Swedish.

Amanda's new pic
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[01 Jul 2005|01:20pm]

This community feels so dead..I made a color bar!

Amanda Swafford is Ice Queen Love.

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[13 Jun 2005|01:45pm]




wanna know which antm contestant you're most like?Collapse )

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[02 Jun 2005|03:59pm]

I seriously miss amanda!

I still feel the urge to want to open a magazine and see a great picture/article about her!

I live in hendersonville too so I am always tempted to try and look her up but, there are laws against that lol
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[28 Apr 2005|04:44pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Dang [09 Apr 2005|04:23pm]

Well Im over here in sunny England and we only just had the show (last episode was on wednesday night) I've know from the beginning who won because I stupidly found out online. Doh!

Anyways. Amanda was robbed. I couldn't understand it not even slightly, most importantly the bit where tyra says 'you both have what the other needs, amanda you have high fashion quirkyness and edge, eva you have approachableness' Now forgive me for misunderstanding america but, isn't the show called 'America's next top MODEL'? Right so you're gonna put through the girl who is 'supposedly' likable and takes alright pictures. Madness. Madness. I repeat.... MADNESS

I'm on a rant today. Man I hate TV - makes me so mad. All this editing and money making etc etc. maybe I'm just more pissed because the only reason i watched the show was to see Amanda slam each photo into the bag and watch the other girls be extremely jealous. My rant is still going isn't it?

Well what do you guys honestly think? I know this is a fansite (type thing) for specifically Amanda but taking away all the qualities of the person (as you should with a model) and looking purely at photographs, who do you think took the best? My order goes like this:
2)nicole - what was with her getting the boot? She was a wicked old style movie look
3)yaya or Norelle - I can't decide.

Stupid stupid tv and its many flaws. God I wish I'd just read a book every week instead of watching the least model-like one win.
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[20 Mar 2005|02:27pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Amanda still amazes me.

She has such memorable beauty.

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We're on google [17 Mar 2005|10:42pm]

Looks like our manda community is listed on google courtesy of google hitting my blog :D

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[01 Mar 2005|09:57pm]

i missed the first 15 min of the update show. did they mention what Amanda was up to. Thanks!
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[27 Feb 2005|07:47pm]


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How is this amanda banner? I made it by myself [10 Feb 2005|11:18am]

I hope you guys can give me some comments about this banner.



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[07 Feb 2005|12:40pm]
another fansite i found on google
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[06 Feb 2005|03:19pm]
i found this fansite on google
its cool :)
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its me its me [03 Feb 2005|07:53pm]

Thanks for stating this! that was really nice. any questions or tanything? love to answer..*S*...
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Retinitis Pigmentosa [20 Jan 2005|07:39pm]
i started watching top modes about a quarter into the 3rd season when i learned that amanda had RP. I have RP too, and have spent some time trying to find some people that share that in common with me to talk about it. i have been trying to figure out if there is anyway to get in touch with amanda, some cheesy fansight or something, but im thinking its a pretty lost cause. ive talked to a few people, but seeing as I am about the same age as amanda, and we have in common a carreer choice that may not be the most suitable for us, i thought it'd be interesting to see what she thought about it. I am an artist. just graduated from artcollege in california. my websight is tamarsolomon.com
so amanda, if you ever check this out. id like to hear from you.
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[10 Jan 2005|11:48pm]

comment & credit ♥

bunnies in france!Collapse )
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Amanda banners [09 Jan 2005|11:13pm]


moreCollapse )
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Hi [09 Jan 2005|01:20am]

new member here!

my name is amanda and i am from Asheville, NC. don't get your hopes up i am not that Amanda. but I am able to find some good news articles about her b/c the media around her just loves her. (as do I, she totally should have won) anyway i thought you might enjoy these

article about Amanda's father

reporters musing on covering ANTM

there are tons of articles about her at the Hendersonville newspaper site, if you are interested.
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[04 Jan 2005|08:25pm]

{heartheartheart} i was looking through amanda pictures, & found this one of her before top model...

& i have that shirtttt{!} now i feel complete
& more sightings of this other-worldly creature...Collapse )
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[04 Jan 2005|12:52pm]

random Amanda pics from the show

Read more...Collapse )
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[04 Jan 2005|12:44pm]

heylo everyone :)
eyeslikeapisces has given me the honor of being a co-mod of this community. ^_^
So, i'd like to ask you guys, what do you think will make this community better? Please, everyone comment! Post more & promote this community everywhere! I have, & a few more people joined because of it. Making really nice Promo banners or something & posting them in all the fashion communities will really get this place going.
ready set go ♥
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amanda's crystals [01 Jan 2005|05:34pm]

For anyone who is curious as to why Amanda's crystals are so precious to her...
Read more...Collapse )
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